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Find Stores That Carry & Use  Our Sauces & Rubs!

For a complete list of stores enter your zip code on our sauce location map page.

These are the stores that have our award winning products on their shelves!

Stop by and pick up a bottle or two and tell them you came to their store because of Daniel's Bar-b-q Sauces!

Of course you can get all of our products shipped to your door by visiting our Amazon Store and ordering using our online shopping cart.  Click Here for our Amazon Store

Now Available Nationwide Online!

Krogers:         https://ship.kroger.com/search.aspx?t=daniels

Wal-Mart.Com:                https://www.walmart.com/search/?cat_id=0&facet=brand%3ADaniel%27s+Bar-B-Q&query=Daniel%27s+Bar-b-q+Sauces

Amazon.Com:          https://www.amazon.com/stores/node/17594201011?_encoding=UTF8&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=DANIEL%27S%20BAR-B-Q&ref_=bl_dp_s_web_17594201011

Now available on The 'Mator Man's mobile farmers market truck. Schedule a visit! 


Now adding stores in the St. Louis & Springfield Missouri areas!

Beer * Sauce Shop        318 Mid Rivers Mall Drive. Suite C   St.Louis, MO 636-328-7972   

 Being Sold At Stores Across Kansas City Metro


Brother's Market             319 Ridge st.    Tonganoxie, KS            913-845-2949

Country Harvest Apple Market 315 S. Union st. McLouth, KS  913-796-2291

Checkers Foods         2300 Louisiana st.  Lawrence, KS              785-843-0023

Hen House                13600 S. Black Bob Rd.     Olathe, KS       913-782-3500

Hen House               15000 W. 87th st. Pkwy.      Lenexa, KS      913-599-6423

Hen House               4050 W.83rd st.          Prairie Village, KS    913-648-1441

Hen House               11721 Roe Ave.         Leawood, KS             913-338-0600

Hen House               6238 N. Chatham Ave.  Kansas City, MO   816-746-1400

Hen House               6900 W. 135th st.     Overland Park, KS      913-685-8400

Hen House               11930 College Blvd.   Overland Park, KS    913-469-1800

Hen House               2724 W. 53rd st.          Fairway, KS              913-432-2992

Price Chopper          501 S. Commercial  Bonner Springs, KS    913-441-6988

Price Chopper            7201 W. 151st st.    Overland Park, KS     913-897-4600

Price Chopper            9717 N Ash Ave   Kansas City, MO          816-883-2770

Price Chopper            500 NE Barry Road  Kansas City, MO      816-468-1188

Price Chopper            4201 S. Noland Rd.   Independence, MO   816-478-3090

Price Chopper            19601 W. 101st st.     Lenexa, KS               913-764-9005

Price Chopper            13351 Mission Rd.   Leawood, KS             913-906-9208

Price Chopper            11700 W. 135th st.    Overland Park, KS    913-685-8666

Price Chopper             9107 MO-45           Parkville, MO             816-584-1111

Price Chopper             1305 MO 7 Hwy     Blue Springs, MO      816-224-6777

Price Chopper             1100 S MO 7 Hwy  Blue Springs, MO      816-229-7011

Price Chopper             4950 Roe Blvd.        Roeland Park, KS    913-236-6262

Price Chopper             12220 S. 71 Hwy.     Grandview, MO       816-761-8767

Price Chopper             7000 West 75th st.   Overland Park, KS    913-432-1107

Price Chopper            520 S. Commercial st.  Harrisonville, MO 816-380-3266

Price Chopper            12010 W. 63rd st.       Shawnee, KS           913-268-8025

Price Chopper            15970 S. Murlen Rd.    Olathe, KS            913-393-8000

Price Chopper            7600 State Ave.          Kansas City, KS      913-299-8298

Price Chopper     937 NE Woods Chapel Rd. Lee's Summit, MO 816-347-8888

Price Chopper             22210 W. 66th st.           Shawnee, KS      913-422-2130

Price Chopper             900 W. Foxwood Dr.       Raymore, MO    816-265-6121

Price Chopper             120 E. 19th st.                 Ottawa, KS         785-242-4646

Price Chopper           1600 SE. Blue Pkwy    Lee's Summit, MO   816-875-2310

Price Chopper            251 SW Greenwich Dr.  Lee's Summit, MO  816-537-0700

Hy-Vee                      301 NE Rice Road     Lee's Summit, MO  816-524-5760

Hy-Vee                      310 SW Ward Road    Lee's Summit, MO  816-554-2200

Hy-Vee                     1307 E North Ave.    Belton, M0               816-318-0400  

Hy-Vee                    207 NW Englewood Rd.  Kansas City, MO  816-454-4763 

Hy-Vee                     6655 Martway st.    Mission, KS              913-831-4447

 Hy-Vee                   13400 W. 87th Pkwy     Lenexa, KS          913-438-8308

Hy-Vee                   18101 W. 119th st.      Olathe, KS              913-393-4154 

Hy-Vee                   8501 W. 95th st.        Overland Park, KS    913-894-1983

Hy-Vee                   5330 NW. 64th st.      Kansas City, MO      816-505-1311

Hy-Vee                   14955 W. 151st st.       Olathe, KS               913-780-9339  

Hy-Vee                   13550 W. 63rd st.      Shawnee, KS              913-962-2252

Hy-Vee                   7620 State Line rd.    Prairie Village, KS      913-383-8303

Hy-Vee                   8900 W. 135th st.      Overland Park, KS      913-685-3500

Hy-Vee                   3504 Clinton Pkwy    Lawrence, KS            785-832-0044

Hy-Vee                  1525 East 23rd St.      Independence, MO     816-836-1177

Hy-Vee                   625 West 40 Hwy       Blue Springs, MO       816-224-4288    

The Store Old Fashioned Meat Market     

          6624 Raytown Rd. Raytown, MO 64133                             816-356-8900                                         

Herman's Meat Market & Smokehouse  4211 SW Huntoon St. Topeka, KS  785-273-8481

McGonigles Market    1307 W. 79th st.  Kansas City, MO           816-444-4720

Apex Brew & BBQ  4360 S. Noland Rd.  Independence, MO     816-313-5039

Cockrell Mercantile  30003 E. Old US Hwy 50, Lee's Summit, MO  816-697-1923

Flavor Spice Shop & Specialty Foods    318 SW Main Street  Lee's Summit, MO 816-419-7319


Almost all Kansas City Area Hy-Vee stores including Liberty Missouri & Both Lawrence and Topeka Kansas Locations

We are adding new stores every week.

If the store is out of stock or you can't find it. Ask for the manager and tell them you came in to buy Daniel's Bar-b-q Sauces & Rubs! They will order it and carry it for you.



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